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The Community Club Objective is self improvement and mutual helpfuless, promotion of the spirit of cooperation and goodwill till the end, and that the club may raise the standard of civic life in our community. Our club celebrated it's 100th anniversary in 2017.  In 1917 a group of women supporting our troops during WW 1 became very active knitting, sewing and having dances, parties and picnics for the boys on leave and those about to leave for training camps. After the war they decided to continue their service. For over 100 years we have continued our work to aid our community.  We make over 1000 lbs of homemade noodles yearly and always sell out. We have a booth at Farmer's Market, Arts in the Alley & Harvest Market. We host 2 card parties a year with over 80 participants. Election day lunch is another one of our community events.  We cap the year off with our Christmas dinner featuring our homemade chicken & noodles.  All proceeds from our events go back to the Grove City community.  Check out our upcoming events, buy clicking the event tab.  For membership information please contact Linda at 614-906-1408.

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